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Digital Identity

Our Vision

We envision a world where people can digitally interact with one another and organizations seamlessly, without friction and with confidence; a world where trust can be easily established, and people quickly recognized in order to gain access to the services or experiences they desire; a world where our digital interactions will be multifaceted, from PCs and smartphones to connected homes, cars and wearables, and by voice, touch and presence.

This is why it is essential to establish and safeguard trust in digital interactions.

Read more about Mastercard's vision and why trust is fundamental to digital interactions

Mastercard Principles of Digital Identity

Mastercard believes that a collaborative framework for digital interactions is so important that we've drafted our own principles to guide our thinking. They place the user in control, are core to our envisioned service and guide our design, technology and business choices.


See our Vision Paper for definitions of each Digital identity Principle

Additional Sources

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Future of Digital Identity | Future Agenda

This report outlines the findings and insights of a Future Agenda Open Foresight Program exploring the future of Digital Identity. It is built from the outputs of a multi-country program of workshops and insight gathering that included over 120 leading experts, decision-makers and stakeholders in the field.

Blueprint for Digital Identity

A Blueprint for Digital Identity | World Economic Forum

This report discusses the different structures for identity systems and which configurations are best suited to solving different problems. It provides a perspective on the role of financial institutions in building digital identity systems.

Better Identity in America

Better Identity in America: A Blueprint for Policymakers | The Better Identity Coalition

This report puts forth a set of consensus, technology-agnostic policy recommendations for improving identity in America by the Better Identity Coaliton.

infographic from report

Building Trusted & Resilient Digital Identity | Business Roundtable

This report provides an action plan for the government and industry to make online user experiences safer and more secure for all Americans, underpinned by six objectives for improving digital identity.


Collaboration is at the core of our vision for a digital identity service. There is no single government, technology company, financial institution or industry sector that can effectively deliver a digital identity service by itself. Codependence, organization and partnership are all required. This enables us to achieve together what is not possible alone.


Mastercard announced a collaboration with Samsung to explore and deliver a better way for people to verify their digital identity on the mobile devices they use every day. 


Mastercard and Microsoft announced a strategic collaboration to improve how people manage and use their digital identity.


Mastercard is helping governments establish identity systems that are interoperable across programs and geographies.

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