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Experience the power of contemporary, integrated solutions to safely and reliably deliver issuer and acquirer processing

Advantages we offer

We provide a deep understanding of your business so that you can deliver what your customers need

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One source

All payment products - prepaid, debit and credit issuing as well as ATM and POS acquiring - in one platform

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The value-added services, innovative offerings and advanced features available from Mastercard can be assimilated into the solution

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A configurable platform enables issuers and acquirers to seamlessly integrate their customer's needs into their offerings and leave the technology to us

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We work with different business models - merchants, financial institutions, program managers and governments - of all types and sizes

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Our solution integrates local, regional and international requirements, in multiple languages and currencies

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We provide industry-leading solutions, enabling full-service debit and prepaid issuer processing for financial institutions, credit unions and prepaid program managers.

Issuer Processor

  • Debit and Prepaid Processor
  • Transaction authorization processing
  • Single-point settlement for U.S.-based issuers
  • Card management
  • Support for regional and network brands
  • Tokenization
  • EMV
  • Account and card life cycle management
  • Support of cardholder via cardholder web, agent web and VRU (voice response unit)
  • Cardholder email and SMS services
  • Flexible-fee engine
  • Authorization controls

An exceptional suite of services

  • Fraud and Risk Services
  • Support and Customer Care
  • ATM Driving
  • Commercial Tools
  • Data and Reporting Services


A configurable platform that enables issuers and acquirers to seamlessly integrate their customers' needs into their offerings. We provide our customers with global capabilities to deliver solutions at the local level.

Issuer Processor

  • Credit Processing
  • Debit Processing
  • Prepaid Processing (Program Management)

Acquirer Processor

  • Switching Services (Use & Pay)
  • Acquirer Processing - White Label ATM
  • Acquirer Processing - Terminal Driving
  • Acquirer Processing - Payment Gateway Services

An exceptional suite of services

  • Merchant Management 
  • Customer Service
  • Card and Account Management
  • Data and Reporting
  • Fraud and Risk Services


As one of the fastest-growing issuer processors in the region, we enable a full suite of consumer and commercial payment products for financial institutions, fintech and non-traditional issuers.

Issuer Processor

  • Open Architecture and APIs
    • Best-in-class processing platform, proven technology, no legacy
  • Pan-European Solution
    • Multi-currency, multi-country and multi-language support
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Scheme compliance, PCI DSS, SEPA ready, GDPR ready
  • Consumer Cards
    • Prepaid, Debit, Credit Charge
  • Commercial Payments
    • SME Business, T&E Corporate, B2B Purchasing, Lodge Card
  • EMV Chip
    • Contact, Contactless, Combo, Display
  • MDES Tokenization and Provisioning
    • POS, In-App and E-Commerce payments
  • Mobile Schemes and Pays
    • MCBP, GooglePay, ApplePay, SamsungPay
  • Wearables
    • Watches, Wearable Devices 

An exceptional suite of services

  • Fraud and Risk Management
    • Rules Engine, Transaction Scoring, Alerts and Notifications, Alert Viewer
  • Strong Authentication
    • E-Commerce, 3-D Secure 2.0, Identity Check, Biometric Authentication
  • MIS and Data Analysis
    • Standard and Custom Reporting, Regulatory Reporting, Issuer Dashboards
  • Customer Support and Servicing
    • Web Front-end UI, Real-Time APIs, Self-Service Web Portal and Mobile App

Middle East / Africa

With deep roots in the Middle East and Africa, we provide exceptional services and solutions customized to the region's unique local needs. 

Issuer Processor

  • Card Issuance - Credit, Debit, Prepaid and Commercial
  • Card and Account Lifecycle Management
  • Cardholder Billing and Settlement
  • Transaction Management
  • Interchange Reconciliation and Clearing
  • Collections

Acquirer Processor

  • ATM, POS and E-commerce acquiring 
  • Merchant Lifecycle Management
  • Flexible Authorization and Routing
  • Merchant Billing and Statements
  • Flexible Tariffs Management
  • Clearing and Settlement

An exceptional suite of services

  • Customer Care
  • EMV / E-Commerce
  • Data and Reporting
  • Fraud Management
  • 3D Secure
  • Events and Alerts
  • Loyalty & Redemption
  • Chargeback Lifecycle Processing


We provide complete, multi-brand issuing and acquiring processing services in ATM management; transit and toll collection; and transactional printing to a diversified customer base that includes banks, government institutions, telecommunications companies and retailers, among others.

Issuer Processor

  • Debit, Prepaid and Credit
  • EMV certified, multi-institutional, multi-currency, multi-language card management system that was developed in-house
  • Flexible, scalable
  • Web based user-friendly interface
  • Maker and checker functionality
  • Online service integrations with any channel (e.g., internet, branch, mobile, etc.)
  • EMV 
    • Contact and contactless (dual interface) card processing
    • Post issuance and scripting
    • Multi-application card management
    • Key management, data preparation and personalization services
  • E-Commerce and 3D Secure support
  • Online / EMV offline PIN management
  • Business Intelligence (BI) based reporting

Acquirer Processor

  • Supports POS and ATM
  • EMV certified acquiring system that was developed in-house
  • Multi-currency, multi-institution and multi-language support
  • Full EMV support
  • Terminal key management
  • Business Intelligence (BI) based reporting

An exceptional suite of services

  • Card, POS and ATM operation services
  • Fraud and risk services
  • Provision, clearing and chargeback services


* Issuing and acquiring processing is available in select markets as detailed in the tabbed sections above.